RG+A’s experience in addressing issues related to business—from minority access and inclusion to programs geared to promote women in business—positions the firm as a unique and qualified partner to organizations and teams looking to build broader, more profitable base of relationships.

We serve as a one-stop hub for government agencies and institutional investors seeking consultation on best practices, resources and tools in accessing a broad pool of emerging and diverse businesses across various sectors and asset classes.

Emerging Managers

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RG+A, serves as a consultancy and resource center providing strategic solutions for government agencies (federal, state, local), institutional investors (public funds, corporate funds, endowments, foundations, corporations), and non-profits seeking to identify and/or source diverse investment and business partners/suppliers.

Business Development

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Our understanding of key issues and challenges facing organizations in an increasingly diverse and global environment are unparalleled. Our team assists organizations in developing focused strategies, each tailored to the client’s short- and long-term marketing objectives and budgets, and each designed to raise the firm’s profile in the industry.

Market Strategy

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RG+A works with teams to develop strategic marketing plans designed to help forge better, more profitable relationships. We assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by examining your market, talking to your clients and your competitors—and then create a plan that delivers results.